North Wales DCOs: network delay request, nuclear application continues

National Grid has proposed a slowdown in the process to gain a development consent order (DCO) for the North Wales Connection, a new transmission line prompted by the planned Wylfa Newydd nuclear reactor on Anglesey.

The transmission owner has written to National Infrastructure Planning to propose a delay in the preliminary meeting, which normally would take place three months after the project was accepted for examination, be delayed until at least June.

The new reactor project has been halted. National Grid said the DCO process on its connection should be delayed because of the closure of the Wylfa Newydd application, “with consequent certainty about a range of topics including the construction programme, related traffic movements and cumulative impact assessment”  to allow National Grid to discuss with stakeholders how revisions to the Horizon application might affect the connection and develop appropriate amendments, if required. NIP wants representations on the proposed delay (but not the project itself) by 22 February.

Work on a DCO for the new plant at Wylfa continues, although Hitachi and BEIS have been unable to agree financing.

Horizon said there is “significant support and encouragement for Horizon to continue and conclude the DCO process to its current timetable”. Horizon executive director Anthony Webb promised the company would keep in place “the necessary resource and financial support” to conclude the process.

See National Grid’s letter to NIP

Read Horizon’s letter to NIP


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