Co-Op Energy launches community power tariff

Co-Op Energy has launched a Community Power tariff that sources power from community-owned energy projects.

The product is available on a one or two year fixed price contract and it is priced £5 higher than the company’s other fixed-price deals. It is a dual-fuel deal and the company claims 25% of its gas is supplied from green sources.

The new tariff comes as community energy groups have launched a ‘Manifesto for Community Energy’ warning that community energy projects have found it hard to get off the ground because of recent government decisions and seeking a stronger voice in future. Green Alliance, meanwhile, has put forward four proposals for boosting community energy. They are:

  • Open new routes to market for community energy schemes
  • Design local energy markets that fully value community energy
  • Stimulate local innovation with more trials
  • Support clean energy ownership through community enterprise

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