Financed solar/storage option targeted at UK business customers

Generator Statkraft and storage company redT have announced a partnership to provide fully-financed behind-the-meter solar and energy storage infrastructure projects in the UK for commercial and industrial customers.

The initial target is to install up to 10MWp of solar and 6MWh of energy storage. Over three years they hope to scale up to 100MWp of solar and 60MWh of energy storage.

The two companies say their financed and 100% renewable energy solution for customers  will  save up to 20% on their energy costs for 25 years. Statkraft provides a long-term structured corporate power purchase agreement (PPA) for the solar and energy storage, with a 100% renewable supply agreement from its subsidiary Bryt Energy for any energy required from the grid.

Statkraft will offer  flexibility optimisation using its in-house virtual power plant, while redT will provide energy storage.