First Utility rebranded as Shell Energy, offers transport fuel discount to energy customers

First Utility has been rebranded as Shell Energy.

The company promises 100% renewable electricity for all tariffs, as well as gas, smart home technology, and broadband. It is offering fixed domestic supply deals to 2020, and to 2022 with a Nest smart thermostats.

Shell Energy or Broadband customers will be linked to Shell’s Go+ rewards programme, giving them a 3% saving on fuel at Shell service stations. The company also promises “personalised offers and other surprises”, including discounted EV charging.

Shell had been providing trading and other services to First Utility and acquired the company in 2018. Shell has also recently acquired smart energy storage company Sonnen, which offers digital energy services. That includes the platforms to optimise the use of solar power and home storage systems and aggregate home assets to offer grid services. It has also acquired UK flexibility provider Limejump.

Both are part of Shell’s New Energies division, set up in 2016, and with up to $1-2 billion to spend every year until 2020 on commercial opportunities.

The division focuses on new fuels for transport (advanced biofuels and hydrogen) and power – it aims to make electricity ‘a significant part of its business”. The company plans to be throughout the electricity supply chain – generating and trading it, and supplying to customers.

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