Interested party? Respond to Capacity Market challenge

Interested parties have until 27 March to act, if they want to make representations in judicial review proceedings raised by Tempus over BEIS’s actions over the Capacity Market.

BEIS said Tempus has identified 304 businesses as being directly affected by the claim (i.e. interested parties) who have a right to participate in the case.

BEIS said it  ”is confident that the steps that it has decided to take in relation to the operation of the Capacity Market during the ‘standstill period’ are lawful under EU State aid rules.

Meanwhile, the European Commission has published a letter outlining its examination of the Capacity Market. BEIS welcomed the Commission’s “preliminary conclusion in paragraph 151 that, “the UK  Capacity Market contributes to an objective of common interest and is necessary.”” But the Commission   asked for representations to be made within one month (ie by 20 April).

Read the EC letter here