Ofgem order: Avro Energy must join DCC or stop taking on customers

Ofgem wants to stop Avro Energy from taking on new customers if it fails to become a smart meter Data Communications Company (DCC) user by the end of May.


All suppliers were required to become DCC users by 25 November 2017 to help drive the installation of next generation Smets2 meters, as part of their obligation to take all reasonable steps to roll out smart meters to all their domestic and small business customers by the end of 2020. Avro Energy failed to become a DCC user by the deadline and is still not a user, which means customers who switch to it will lose the functionality of their smart meter. Avro Energy has submitted a plan to become compliant by 25 July.

Gillian Guy, chief executive of Citizens Advice, said: “Engaging with the DCC is essential for the roll out of second generation smart meters. Avro’s failure to join the DCC means it’s unprepared for that rollout, … Suppliers shouldn’t risk consumer confidence in the programme by giving their customers a sub-par experience.

“Smart meters are critical for the long term development of our energy infrastructure and it is vital that we get it right. There have been substantial delays to the rollout and costs are escalating. The government needs to publish a new cost-benefit analysis at the earliest opportunity.”