First Japanese sale for Centrica’s DSR platform

Centrica Business Solutions has joined forces with the venturing arm of Japan’s Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) to deliver industrial demand response capacity in Japan.

Tepco Ventures will use Centrica’s FlexPond™ demand side response (DSR) platform to provide flexibility services for the reserve market in the Kyushu region, which has a significant number of industrial customers and renewable energy projects connected to the power grid.

FlexPond will be delivered under a ‘software as a service’ model that allows utilities to use Centrica’s proprietary platform to build their own virtual power plants and deliver clean DSR capacity from a variety of flexible generation and demand assets. The cloud-based platform is used by over 150 of Europe’s largest energy users .

Shinji Akatsuka, President of Tesco Ventures said: “It is a great honour for TEPCO Ventures to work with Centrica, which has a proven track record in Europe. We look forward to contributing to the realisation of a low carbon society.”

Japan’s DSR capability is expected to evolve from today’s capacity-like reserves to frequency regulation and wider ancillary services by 2021.