National Grid ESO sets out plan to manage grid without fossil fuels by 2025

National Grid ESO has set out a pathway to being able to operate the electricity system entirely on renewable sources by 2025.

In order to achieve that goal, the system operator has to roll out new ways of managing system characteristics like inertia and voltage across the system. That means in some cases developing new markets, for system products that have not yet been designed, and it requires far more data to be handled to model the system.

The ESO said, “we need to fundamentally change how we plan, analyse and operate the electricity system and innovate in the development and deployment of new technologies, products and services. The development timeline includes plans to:

  • Be able to use wind and solar to provide reserve and response services by 2020.
  • Increase deployment of storage and its use in frequency markets.
  • Define new ancillary services that deliver the inertia currently provide by rotating fossil plant, so that new markets for these services can be developed and put in place by 2022.
  • Investigate existing and new technologies that can provide voltage support.
  • Improve forecasting of wind and solar, along with embedded generation. 
  • Develop the ability to monitor and measure inertia and new network analysis tools that allow it to be modelled and different operating scenarios assessed in real time,

The ESO said that although this would be a step-change in grid operation, “We know, through approaches that we have had to date, that there are customers with the right technologies that can provide these services. Therefore, once we have identified and described the technical requirements of the network it should be possible to create the right products and market place.”

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