Scottish government ‘must go farther’ on low carbon plans, say MSPs

Scottish MSPs say clearer plans are needed on how climate change will be addressed.

The call came in a report by Holyrood’s Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee on the Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Bill following the report from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC). The report was published ahead of the Committee’s consideration of Stage 2 of the Bill. 

Committee convener, Gillian Martin MSP said: “The climate emergency is real and the stark fact is that we have to take urgent action in the short term in order to address global warming. Our Committee welcomes the Scottish Government’s swift response to the CCC’s report and the commitment that Scotland will play its part in tackling it. While the targets are challenging we need to focus on the opportunities and benefits of early action and we need to support those most impacted in making the transition.

“This is why we have called for a higher level of ambition across all sectors and for clearer plans to be put in place for every sector so we ensure that our generation can address the catastrophic harm being done to our natural environment.”