E.On to switch to renewables for all household electricity customers

E.On has promised to make 100% renewable energy the standard for its 3.3 million residential customers, ‘at no extra cost’. It said a survey of electricity customers shows that 61% of customers not already on a renewable tariff would be likely to change to a renewable electricity supplier if they could do so at a reasonable price.

The company said it could provide ‘a large proportion’ of the necessary power from its own fleet of more than 20 onshore and offshore wind farms in the UK,and biomass plants in Scotland and South Yorkshire. It also has power purchase agreements with independent wind generators.

“Climate change is the defining issue of our era, and one that energy customers are increasingly concerned about,” said E.ON UK Chief Executive Michael Lewis. “We believe large-scale action can make significant change possible and we’re committed to playing a leading role and setting an example for others to follow, that’s why we’re providing all of our residential customers with 100% renewable electricity as standard – a change at a scale never seen before in Britain.

“Our announcement is an important first step in a journey towards a more sustainable and personalised energy system”.

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