LPG suppliers to switch to bio-version – but the change will take two decades

The UK’s LPG users will move to a bioLPG alternative, suppliers have promused. But the switch will not be complete for over two decades.

Around two million ]homes in the UK rely on off-grid fuel sources, and so do thousands of businesses from mobile caterers to rural businesses..The trade association representing the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) industry in the UK has now rebranded itself as Liquid Gas UK and has launched a  vision for a transition to 100% bioLPG by 2040.

BioLPG (also known as biopropane) is already available on the market, and Liquid Gas UK says it represents a 90% reduction in carbon emissions. Production of bioLPG can be undertaken in a number of ways, by applying a variety of thermal or chemical processes on different feedstocks such as vegetable oils, glycerol, sugar and waste.

George Webb, chief executive, Liquid Gas UK, said: “There are millions of homes across the UK that, unless undergoing a major redevelopment, a transition to electrified heating solutions (ground source heat pumps or air source heat pumps) is not affordable. These alternative options are also unlikely to consistently provide the levels of heating demanded by users. It is important that policy makers recognise a ‘one size fits all’ approach for off-grid energy will not work. Different solutions will be required for different types of buildings across the UK. As part of a mixed technology approach to decarbonisation, bioLPG can support the UK Government and devolved administrations to achieve Net Zero.”