Speed up new markets, networks told, as BEIS and Ofgem look for ‘tangible changes’

“Further change is needed to deliver an energy system fit for the future”, BEIS and Ofgem have told energy networks, in a letter asking them to go further and faster in accomodating distributed and flexible energy assets and promoting new markets.

Ofgem and BEIS called for specific actions and deliverables on:

  • Coordinating  flexibility markets and national balancing or ancillary markets to enable stacking of revenues.
  • Delivering  efficient and transparent processes for curtailment, with more clarity on the interaction between active network management and flexibility markets.

BEIS and Ofgem told ENA they were “keen that progress continues and tangible changes are implemented” and said there are actions which industry, the ENA and ENA members can start delivering now. It told  ENA to take forward the ‘Future Worlds’ work by

  • Setting  out a clear plan with ambitious timelines for identifying and delivering least regrets actions.
  • Identifying what decisions have to be made to remove barriers and discuss “tangible recommendations” with Ofgem or BEIS.
  • Set out a process to make sure decsions are taken and the necessary information is available to take action  once  decisions are made.

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