Grimsby’s offshore wind industry highlighted

Wind energy developer Ørsted has published a video – Grimsby: Turning the Tide – focusing on how the offshore wind industry has affected Grimsby.

It aims to show the positives for the town and its people that have come along with offshore wind’s success.

Mark Hickson, Ørsted head of Lincs operations said: “As a local resident myself, I’m proud to work for a company who is making real waves in transforming the economic landscape of the town.

“The video we’ve created only incorporates some of the many people who are proud to work alongside Ørsted and join us on this incredible journey of clean energy production.”

Once the world’s largest fishing port, Grimsby’s fishing industry declined in the 1980s and consequently, unemployment rates grew. The town welcomed Danish-based Ørsted onto the port in 2014 with a site hosting less than 20 employees.  Five years later the company  has 350 employees at its operations and maintenance (O&M) facility on the docks.

See the full video here