£18M funding available to develop technologies that help industry switch away from fossil fuels

BEIS has has invited applucations for an £18 million funding pot for a new process or technology that will help UK industry switch to low carbon fuel sources. Demonstration projects can apply for awards fo up to £7.5 million.

The competition is the third stage in awarding funds forsuch projects.  BEIS has completed phase 1 (market engagement and assessment) and stage 2 (feasibility studies; seven projects have completed this phase ). Phase 3 applicants need not have taken part in phase 1 or 2 but must have competed equivalent feasibilty studies.

Although BEIS said it is technology-neutral, it also plans to take a ‘portfolio approach’. Projects to aid switching industrial processes to electricity, biomass or hydrogen are ‘in scope’ but projects focused on biomethane, synthetic methane, CCUS or energy efficiency are ‘out of scope’. The technologies should be planning commerical rollout in the 2030s.

Contracts for Phase 3 are due to be signed in December 2019, and projects should  be completed by April 2021. 

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