Thrive picks up new subsidy-free wind project

Thrive Renewables has acquired a new wind farm, now under constructuon, in South Ayrshire in Scotland,that will operate subsidy-free. The project, to be named Chapelton wind farm, has planning and land rights for three turbines to totalling 2.7MW and initial ground works have commenced.

Earlier this year, Thrive Renewables sold two operational wind farms, releasing £11 million to invest in building new renewable energy infrastructure projects.

Matthew Clayton, managing director at Thrive Renewables, said: “Earlier this year, when we sold two wind farms, we made a commitment that we would invest in new renewables projects which can operate successfully without the need for government support. Chapelton is the first of these projects to be announced, putting us at the forefront of developing the new generation of subsidy-free onshore renewables.”

Electricity generated at Chapelton will be supplied directly to a local business and to the electricity grid. Thrive Renewables has a track record of ‘private wire’ projects, which offer long-term stable energy prices for the business and price certainty for the wind farm operator, protecting both parties from the volatility of the energy market.

Clayton added: “We believe the ‘private wire’ model, where electricity generated from small and medium sized wind farms like Chapelton is supplied directly to local businesses, is one of the ways that we can ensure investment in renewable infrastructure continues now government support has been removed.”

When Chapelton wind farm is built, the local community will be able to apply for Thrive Renewables Community Benefit Programme, which offers grants to improve energy efficiency in community buildings like village halls.

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