Application window open for UKRI funding on communicating climate uncertainty

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is inviting appications for funding opportunity through the UK Climate Resilience programme. It is seeking applications led from the arts and humanities disciplines and to   include researchers from the natural, physical, engineering, health and social sciences.

Funding of up to £1 million is available to support research proposals of up to 24 months in duration. At least three proposals will be funded up to the value of £330,000 (at 80% FEC) each.

The UK Climate Resilience programme is a £18.6 million collaboration between UKRI and the Met Office which aims to draw together fragmented climate research and expertise and deliver  multi- and inter-disciplinary climate risk and adaptation research.

It wants projects that will raise awareness of working with uncertainty to build climate resilience in the real world and deliver useful knowledge (narratives, learning histories, case studies, film and other material) to “inform practices and behaviours that build confidence in practical approaches to living with uncertainty and community and environmental resilience building”.

The application window closes on 27 February. More details here

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