Anesco picks up management for more solar sites

Anesco is to provide operations and maintenance services for a further 10 UK solar farms, on behalf of Foresight Group and Alpha Real Renewables.

The 10 sites have a combined capacity of 71MW.  Anesco’s O&M team now looks after more than 22,000 sites and Anesco said it was “fast approaching” its target of 1GW of UK solar and storage under management, including those owned by investment groups, local authorities and housing associations.

Anesco has an existing contract to provide technical and commercial asset management for 18 UK solar farms owned by Foresight Group. The latest contracts will see this portfolio increased to 24.

The four new sites for Alpha Real Renewables take the total capacity being looked after by Anesco for the investment services group to 81MW.

Steve Shine, Anesco executive chairman, said: “We’re delighted to have expanded our contracts with both Foresight Group and Alpha Real Renewables.

“Our proactive approach, combined with the results we achieve for our clients, is the reason our portfolio continues to grow, with our constructed projects performing an average 6.1% better in yield per year.”

Matt Harvey, Anesco Head of O&M added: “As a sector, renewables O&M has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. Modern O&M best practice is about maximising yield, through a complex process based on extensive data analysis and modelling. In the future, technologies such as AI and data mining will offer even greater opportunities, which is why this is an area we continue to invest heavily in.”

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