Eaton and Green Motion combine to extend EV charging

Power management company Eaton has joined with charging station supplier Green Motion to install EV chargers alongside storage in commercial buildings, residential housing and shopping malls.

Connected to the grid or renewable energy sources such as solar panels, the combined intelligent EV charging and energy storage solution provides building owners with power capacity to install EV chargers. With storage siet owners can charge up when renewable energy is available, or energy is cheaper and releasing that stored energy when demand and costs are high. If the building is equipped with solar generation, EV users can use more of the solar energy to power EVs at night using the stored energy.

The energy storage system also provides back-up for building owners’ power supplies and can generate additional revenues by selling stored energy back to the grid when demand and costs are high.

Swiss-basd Green Motion has been producing charging systems for electric vehicles for more than ten years. It manufactures charging stations, designs management software for charging networks, operates charging stations and is a service provider for electric mobility. It operates its own network of charging stations in Europe under the “evpass” brand.

Craig McDonnell, senior vice president and general manager, Power Quality and Electronics and Emerging Markets Division, EMEA at Eaton said: “With a rising number of electric vehicles on the road, there is a critical need to have the right EV charging infrastructure in place and the right power capacity to support. …Our collaboration with Green Motion gives us the opportunity to further meet the needs of our customers with a well-integrated EV charging and energy storage solution.”