Flexitricity partners with Gresham House

Flexitricity has partnered with Gresham House Energy Storage Fund to optimise the fund’s 20MW Noriker Staunch project, a mixture of gas generators and lithium ion battery storage based in Gloucester.

The site will be optimised across frequency response services, traded in the day ahead and intraday energy markets, and available to National Grid in the Balancing Mechanism.

The batteries to quickly ramp up and down in order to be able to provide the fast response required for frequency response services, while the gas engines are available to deliver long duration responses.

Andy Lowe, sales director at Flexitricity, said: “We are very excited to grow our share of the UK’s flexible energy market through our partnership with Gresham House Energy Storage Fund…

“Monetising these opportunities isn’t easy which is why the right partnerships are so vital. Flexitricity opens the door to the full range of available revenue streams and our 24/7 control room ensures we can monitor the energy markets and the site’s capabilities every second of the day.”