Aggreko offers gensets left idle by event cancellations for Covid-19 test stations

Temporary power units that were earmarked for summer events like the Glastonbury festival have been offered ‘pro bono’ to power planned Covid-19 testing sites across the UK. But government would have to cover freight costs to move the units to site, as well as fuel.

Aggreko, which supplies power units on a temporary basis, has offered the government up to 1,300 of the engines. It says they can be used for temporary testing facilities planned for sites such as retailers’ carparks and unused theme parks.

Aggreko says that for sites without easy connections to mains electricity temporary units willbe required and its units can be remotely monitored so engineers are not needed on site.

Chris Rason, managing director at Aggreko Northern Europe, said: “The need for more COVID-19 testing sites across the country is clear, and our generators can be deployed very rapidly to ensure consistent and stable power to temporary venues.

“If we can be of service, we are ready and willing to help. As many of these units had been earmarked for outdoor events, such as Glastonbury, that have largely been cancelled or postponed, we are offering them pro-bono. All that’s needed is fuel and freight costs to start providing power.”