Networks research hub offers £400k grant funding – call extended

EPSRC Supergen Energy Networks has extended a call for expressions of interest for projects around resilience focused on climate adaptation, network achitectures or markets and regulation (the organisation’s three working groups).The call now closes on 22 April.

The second Flex Fund call for Expressions of Interest will award a total of £400k of grant money to around four projects. It is looking for  expressions of interest for projects of up to £125k, to be 80% funded.

The SEN hub says current energy networks research does not fully embrace a whole systems approach.  Its response is a research programme to investigate physical multi-vector energy network infrastructure, markets and regulation, policy and society, ICT and data and risk and uncertainty.

The consortium comprises seven leading academics across five UK academic institutions working closely with industrial and academic partners, namely Newcastle University, University of Bath, Cardiff University, University of Leeds and University of Manchester.

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