Startup supplier offers free power and crypto payment but not PPM

Startup energy supplier Neo Energy has offered new credit customers free electricity for up to two months over the summer if they sign up to the deal before the end of April. It says it will not bill customers who switch during June and July, which could allow for up to 61 days of free power from the date of switch (which will be around two weeks after a customer signs up). Dual-fuel customers will be billed for gas.

The offer is only available to customers with a credit meter. Neo cannot support customers with pre-payment meters, however it says it does allow customers to pay their energy bills via crypto currency.

The new company is targetting residential and SME customers and says it “strives to provide”  100% green energy. It is also seeking ‘angel’ investors to fund the company, claiming that it currently supplies over 1200 meter points.

The company is at 


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