EDF signs battery optimisation deal with Zenobe Energy in search of ‘major role’ in market

Zenobe Energy has partnered with EDF to trade and optimise 59MW of its grid-scale battery portfolio, as part of which EDF will provide Zenobe with a floor price.

The partnership covers Zenobe’s operational batteries in Claredown, Aylesford and Kings Barn and includes for supply and offtake of energy.The two companies will work together to maximise return on investments.

Zenobe’s founder director Steven Meersman said the deal had “a great deal of optionality” between the company’s own bidding capability for balancing services and EDF’s trading team and Powershift trading platform. “It allows us to retain overall control on allocating the assets for maximum benefit. We’ve been impressed by the EDF team’s ability to respond to the commercial needs of an owner-operator such as ourselves with a really flexible, innovative deal structure.”

Stuart Fenner, commercial lead at EDF said, “We are determined to play a major role in this market. … We’re a key player in the distributed energy asset management sector”.