Engenie signs new deal for retail park EV chargers, saying it has to ‘grab the grid’

Engenie has signed a partnership with real estate specialists, Brookhouse Group, to install rapid EV charging at ten retail sites across the UK, opening up rapid destination charging to customers visiting major retail brands such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Argos, Next, Aldi, and M&S.

Brookhouse said that by offering on-site rapid EV charging services it is future proofing its portfolio and bringing an added incentive for customers to choose its sites, directly benefitting its tenants with increased footfall and dwell time.

Mike Nuttall, property director at Brookhouse said:“.. already we are seeing a wholesale shift towards electric mobility. Customers will expect to be able to charge their vehicles wherever they shop, and our tenants will expect us to provide the infrastructure which enables them to do so.”

Engenie covers all costs associated with installing and servicing the rapid charging points, eliminating financial risk. The full rollout will see a total of 17 rapid chargers installed across ten sites throughout the UK.

Patrick Sherriff, business development director at Engenie, said:“By ‘grabbing the grid’ and securing vital connections for rapid EV chargers before its competitors, Brookhouse is staying ahead of the curve, and positioning its sites as the go-to shopping destinations for EV drivers. He added, “ The market for on-site EV charging services at retail parks is primed for rapid growth as EVs hit the mass market and on-site destination charging becomes an essential offering. ”