Eurelectric: green transition can aid post-Covid industrial recovery

Eurelectric has added its voice to organisations calling for a green industrial revival to aid the recovery from Coronavirus.

In a set of policy recommendations the European lobby group called for measures to accelerate the transition, including:

  • Stimulate capital-intensive investments by publishing a  long-term schedule for the expected allocation of support for the deployment of renewables, ensuring visibility and certainty for investors; 
  • Ensure that the regulatory framework is more conducive to capital-intensive investments in carbon-neutral generation, so that fossil fuels do not become ‘locked in’. 
  • Prioritise and accelerate low-carbon infrastructure projects in national recovery plans to recuperate registered delays and achieve climate goals
  • Prioritise a system-wide approach towards electrification of buildings and transport as a part of the upcoming Renovation Wave initiative; 
  • Ensure a robust EU ETS system. 

It also wants policymakers to:

  • Monitor and address potential risks of shortage in the supply chain, both for the skilled workforce and for critical materials and components 
  • Take appropriate measures to relieve the impact of lower electricity consumption and power prices on the balance sheets of energy utilities and on their long-term ability to invest in the energy transition. That includes creating funds to relieve burden on suppliers and ensuring  local network operators can invest  in grid modernisation work including EV charging infrastructure.

See the full list of recommendations here

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