Beis and Ofgem eye offshore grids, seek views on how to do it

Beis and Ofgem are keen to understand how transmission links to offshore wind farms, currently all point-to-point, could be better coordinated.

“We would like to hear about all potential barriers, including those of a legal, commercial or regulatory nature. As the economic regulator, Ofgem would also like to understand where a change in current regulatory arrangements now could facilitate greater coordination or if wider change is needed,” per a joint open letter.

“We would particularly welcome discussions with stakeholders who are either already pursuing some level of coordination or have identified an opportunity to do so whether on a local, national or international level (such as considering anticipatory investment in one project to enable a future project, or combining offshore wind and interconnector assets).”

It asks interested parties to make contact via [email protected] and [email protected] by 30 September.

Details here.