Call for London local energy projects to access £6M funding – ACT NOW register for briefing by 8 January

London local energy projects can tap into £6 million of funding from the Local Energy Accelerator (LEA). Interested parties can register by 8 January for a Q&A session on 11 January to find out more.

LEA will deliver £6 million of revenue grant support (half from the EU’s European Regional Development Fund and half from GLA) from November 2020 until the end of July 2023.

Projects may include district energy networks that use renewable heat sources (including river water and waste heat from London Underground) or energy technologies such as heat pumps, solar panels, batteries and smart electric vehicle charging.

Among the LEA’s aims are to

  • Identify strategically important distributed energy projects using clean secondary heat sources and renewable energy and bring them to market.
  • Facilitate the development of area-wide district energy and smart grid networks.Enable expansion of district energy networks by facilitating the planning for and integration of cleaner locally available secondary heat sources and renewable energy.
  • Build confidence in commercial markets and generate market efficiencies with common practices and standards

A dedicated Programme Delivery Unit will provide free  project management support to all organisations receiving funding. Support for more than one stage of the project can be applied for at the same time, for example feasibility and business planning.

The Framework can be also be used by eligible organisations who are not using LEA funding, to procure the expertise they need to deliver projects across the UK. For a Framework briefing pack please email [email protected].

A presentation and Q&A session will be held via MS Teams on 11 January. Email [email protected] by 8January to receive an invite.

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