How should the national system operator work with more active distribution networks? NGESO asks for comment

NGESO, which balances electricity supply and demand on the national high-voltage transmission network, has opened a consultaton on how it expects to work in future with distribution system operators (DSOs), who are expected to be performing similar functions on the local low voltage networks.

NGESO insists that it “does not have any ambition to be a DSO”. Instead, it says the level of co-ordination needed between ESO and DSOs will evolve to manage a more decentralised grid.

It expects that by 2025 there will be established DSO markets for voltage control, thermal constraint management and system restoration  across GB. “This will require co-ordination and alignment between us and DSOs to ensure optimal outcomes for markets”.

Underpinning this will be a significant increase in the volume of real-time data exchanged between control centres and greater availability of data in common formats.It says, “ We believe that developing consistent approaches will be key to efficient dispatch acknowledging that there may be differences in communications interfaces.”

The system operator asked for feedback on its view of future interfaces and wants comments by 21 May.

See the consultation here