SSEN calls for Oxfordshire businesses with just 50kW of flexibility to join market trials

SSEN is looking for Oxfordshire businesses who can shift their network demand up or down by 50kW on demand – whether by starting up their own generation, using battery storage or temporarily changing processes to reduce demand -  to take part in flexibility market trials starting in October 2021. Participating companies could earn up to £500/MWh for participating in the trials, although earnings will depend on the assets and which markets are accessed.

The company said that as well as revenue, the participants will benefit from taking part in ‘Transition’ – an innovative energy project in the UK supporting the move to carbon-zero over the next two years.

Companies have to be able to ‘turn on, up or down’ on demand and be in one of the trial areas in Oxfordshire. See website to check areas. and to find out about the Market Stimulation Packages which simplify participation and give you a fixed price for participation. SSEN said that as this is a trial project the rates will differ to its ‘business as usual’ flexibility payments.

As well as flexibility being traded in the trials with the network system operator, SSEN are also running peer to peer trials and will have more information on their website soon.

For more information on Oxfordshire businesses on net zero visit the Transition project website .


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