SSEN to open tenders for 12 new flexibility zones in England and 25 in Scotland

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) Distribution has released 37 new flexibility zones- its biggest single flexibility offering to date. It says that the zones are open to all providers and as many of the 37 zones have no capacity limits it may secure higher than usual levels of capacity .

The flexibility zones, known as Constraint Managed Zones (CMZs), provide an alternative to traditional network management when the area is experiencing constraints or high levels of demand. Rather than rely on diesel generators or back-up power stations, CMZs take advantage of the ability to shift the timing and location of consumption and generation of energy, allow resources such as renewable energy generation and energy storage to keep the power flowing until the electricity supply returns to normal levels. CMZs and the flexibility they provide can also help to delay, and in certain circumstances, avoid traditional network reinforcement.

There are 12 zones in SSEN’s central and southern England distribution area and 25 zones in its north of Scotland area. Tenders will open for 24 zones across the north of Scotland on Monday 26 July and close on Friday 27 August. The remaining 13 zones will open in December and close in January 2022, although providers can register their interest in these zones now.

Earlier this year, SSEN secured 348MW of flexible energy services across seven sites using CMZs. To date, SSEN has secured 603MW of flexibility services.

For more details on the location of the 37 new zones and availability dates visit SSEN’s Flexible Solutions portal or the Flexible Power portal.

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