UKPN joins with water companies to exchange details on vulnerable customers who need ‘priority service’

UK Power Networks has joined forces with Thames Water and Essex and Suffolk Water, claiming it is the first electricity Distribution Network Operator to integrate its Priority Services Register (PSR) with records held by water utilities that operate in the same regions (London, the East and the South East).
Priority Service Registers allow electricity, gas and water network operators to identify customers in vulnerable circumstances and provide extra support in the event of supply disruption.
The partnership is demonstrating for the first time that it is possible to safely share information automatically between energy and water companies in the interests of their common customers. UKPN said “it moves the industry a step closer to the potential of a nationwide register, where customers would only have to register once to receive support from their gas, electricity and water suppliers”. Asked about whether gas distribution networks would join the initiative it said, “The energy industry has already done a lot of work across energy suppliers, DNOs and GDNs. The focus of this initiative is specifically on water companies to demonstrate that integration is possible with the water utilities beyond the energy sector.”
Ian Cameron, head of customer services and innovation at UK Power Networks, said: “In the interests of our customers, we are working towards the aim of a single, shared Priority Services Register and breaking down complex barriers which have traditionally made it difficult to consolidate information from different sources. This partnership will demonstrate the value in collaborating with water companies and prove that we can join together to overcome the challenges and do the right thing for our shared customers.”

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