Five suppliers told to pay £765k owed to feed-in tariff scheme

Ofgem has issued five suppliers – Colorado Energy, Igloo Energy Supply Limited, Neon Reef Limited, Whoop Energy Limited and Symbio Energy – with provisional orders, compelling them to pay around £765,000 in total for a government environmental scheme.
Colorado Energy failed to pay £261,406.12, Igloo failed to pay £316,582.44, Neon Reef Limited failed to pay £37,350.76, Symbio Energy failed to pay £146,238.66 and Whoop Energy limited failed to pay £3,780.22.The Feed In Tariff (FIT) scheme, which is administered by Ofgem, provides payments to owners of small-scale renewable energy generators, and is paid for by suppliers.
Whoop and Symbio have been warned that they will be expelled from the Balancing and Supply Code if they do not improve their credit cover.
Any supplier that fails to pay its Year 11 FIT levelisation obligation by the deadline of 17 September 2021 is in breach of the rules of its supply licence.

The five suppliers each failed to make their payments by the due date. This will delay the distribution of this money to generators and other suppliers.

If the suppliers fail to comply with the order made against them, Ofgem may take further enforcement action and they could end up having their licences revoked or facing a financial penalty.

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