Heat Networks Investment Project grant will increase Enfield heat network to 50k homes

The Heat Networks Investment Project (HNIP) has awarded £24 million of funding to Energetik to support two extensions to its community heat network in the London Borough of Enfield. This brings the total support provided by HNIP to just under £39 million, following an initial grant and loan award of over £14 million for the construction of the Meridian Heat Network in 2020.

The additional funding will increase the network’s reach from a previous forecast of 15,000 connections by 2026 to over 50,000 homes, making it the largest to be awarded HNIP funding to date.

The extensions will link heat networks in the London Borough with the upcoming Meridian Water energy centre at Edmonton Eco Park and the North London Waste Authority Recovery Facility, due for completion in 2026.

The northwards extension will link the Meridian Water Heat Network with the existing Ponders End Heat Network, serving two new housing developments with 3,300 homes and the civic centre building in Enfield Town. The westwards extension will be routed towards the Arnos Grove Heat Network and the Oakwood Heat Network, connecting two care homes along the way.

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