Mitie offers customers ‘no upfront cost’ EV chargers and PV

Mitie is offering to install EV chargers companies as one of four new ‘Plan Zero BoltON packages’ that do not require capital upfront.
The packages cover remote building management (Pulse), solar power (Shine), lighting optimisation (Glow) and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure (Charge).
The solutions can be implemented all at the same time or in phases, but they are available to existing customers only.
Mitie will purchase the solar panels, EV chargers and lighting systems and begin taking payment from the company once they are live. Customers will pay a monthly subscription fee for the lighting, remote building management and EV charge point modules.The cost of the EV package will depend on the number of charge points installed and the number of years that the customer wants to keep the charging infrastructure.
For the renewable energy package, customers will pay a fee, but the company says some solutions can generate significant energy savings, so the monthly costs of some of the modules can be partly covered with the money saved on electricity bills.
Pradyumna Pandit, Managing Director, Sustainability and Energy Services, Mitie, said:“While sustainability is a priority for many organisations in the UK, financial barriers, lack of expertise and long payback times continue to slow down their decarbonisation progress. With our Plan Zero BoltON packages, we’re using our engineering as well as fleet and energy management expertise to develop solutions that help organisations kickstart their journey to net zero.”

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