First battery application for TGG’s iON dispatch tech

TGG solutions has used its iON asset monitoring and dispatch tech on a battery project for the first time at Conrad Energy’s 40MW battery in Bedfordshire.
The iON tech was developed primarily for small-scale thermal generation including gas peaker plants. TGG says its key benefit is that it does not require asset owners to relinquish control over trading functions or install equipment on-site.
Steve Moody, head of tTrading at Conrad Energy, said: “We opted to use iON in the first place due to its flexibility – too many other systems try to take trading optimisation of your hands in the name of efficiency, but for us that would be giving up a major source of value.”
TGG says it is in discussions for onboarding more battery storage assets onto the iON platform in the near future. Chris Cody, CEO and co-founder, said: “We were never concerned about iON’s suitability for the next generation of dispatchable energy assets, but this is an important milestone for us nonetheless. Our company was born in the early days of the energy transition, providing the tech for companies supporting the shift to renewables through balancing provision. In that sense, we have always been on an energy transition trajectory, and this feels like a natural step.”

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