Mitie plans to double energy projects business in 2023

Facilities management company Mitie expects its energy-focused projects business to double to £200 million in FY23, it said in a financial update.
Mitie announced the acquisition of connections company Rock Power Connections on 1 November. Carlo Alloni, Managing Director, Technical Services and Integrated Facilities Management, Mitie, said: “With the sale of new petrol and diesel cars set to end by 2030, the UK’s transition to electric vehicles will accelerate over the next decade.
“However, to ensure that the move to zero carbon transport is a success, it is vital we have the right infrastructure in place to support rapid charging at scale. This acquisition of Rock Power Connections Limited will allow us to build on our EV and high voltage power capabilities which, combined with our technical services expertise and nation scale, will enable us to further support both Mitie and Rock customers with their decarbonisation journeys.”
The “next step” is its partnership with investment firm Sustainable Development Capital LLP (SDCL), announced in October, to help Mitie customers to fund zero carbon investments.
Mitie said it aimed to expand its portfolio via “infill acquisitions in high growth sectors of telecoms, decarbonisation, intelligent security, and sustainability”, where it can generate a market-leading position. In 2021 it also acquired DAEL Ventures UK
It lists investing in decarbonisation as a key ‘capability enabler’, claiming a leading industry position in zero carbon energy procurement, EV rollout, renewal energy projects, waste elimination and biodiversity investments.

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