Vehicle to grid technologies proposed as Capacity Market option

The Capacity Market could provide an opening for electric vehicle (EV) owners who can charge their vehicles flexibly.
Other forms of storage such as batteries, and demand side response, are both already able to bid in to the Capacity Market. But replies to an annual open letter from BEIS inviting views on new technologies The technologies that enable electric vehicles to deliver electricity to the grid are still considered an emerging technology, said BEIS, but they are expected to become commercially viable soon. BEIS was told that it would be better to define these as a separate technology, rather than relying on existing definitions such as those for storage or demand side response.
Another view was that tidal and geothermal technologies should be included the CM. They highlighted the significant potential for these technologies in GB, as well as their high levels of availability. Tidal stream technologies are currently bidding for a ring-fenced support ‘pot’ of £20 million in the ongoing fourth allocation round for Contracts for Difference.
BEIS said it would “continue to consider these emerging technologies with the electricity system operator and how best to assess their potential contribution to security of supply and future participation in the CM recognising the limited data currently available.”

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