Ventive launches heat-pump-based ‘drop in’ boiler replacement

Ventive is to launch a combination heat pump and thermal storage system that will offer a ‘drop in’ replacement for gas boilers that does not require reconfiguration of hot water heating systems. The Ventive ‘home system’ will provide households with heating and hot water, as well as efficient ventilation and cooling in a single unit, similar in size to a fridge/freezer.
Ventive has opened its first manufacturing facility in Hartlebury in association with QM Systems and it plans to manufacture 7,500 systems in the next 18 months, rising to 100,000 systems by 2025.
The system uses air source heat pump and heat recovery technology and a thermal battery to offer a direct replacement for a conventional gas or oil-fired heating system – although the company says performance comparable to a gas boiler will require the house to be reasonably efficient when it comes to thermal performance.The unit also provides cooling in the summer.
Development won government support via the BEIS Thermal Efficiency Innovation Fund, and has been trialled in Nottingham in partnership with Nottingham City Council, Nottingham City Homes and Energiesprong UK. Ventive has also received support from the UK’s Energy Systems Catapult and Carbon Limiting Technologies, through BEIS’s Energy Entrepreneurs Scheme.
Rob Morrison, Managing Director of Ventive said: “To meet the UK’s carbon reduction targets, it’s estimated that 20 million buildings will need to be retrofitted with heat pumps and Ventive Home offers a neat all-in-one solution that helps reduce our reliance on gas.
“Working closely with QM Systems, we have an agile manufacturing solution that allows us the opportunity to scale up as demand increases.”
Initially the system is expected to be marketed at the social housing sector but the company is looking at routes for consumer distribution. It will be eligible for government heat pump grant funding, once Ventive is MCS accredited.

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