Two Gresham House batteries tweaked to supply new NGESO markets

Gresham House Energy Storage Fund plc has joined forces with Origami, an independent energy technology platform for green energy assets and battery optimiser Habitat Energy Ltd to prepare two battery assets totalling 50MW to participate in the dynamic containment (DC) and wholesale markets.
Gresham House said the upgrade is a consequence of National Grid ESO ending the Enhanced Frequency Response (EFR) service. EFR had been used since late 2016, but it is being superseded by Dynamic Containment (DC), Dynamic regulation (DR) and in the near future, Dynamic Moderation (DM). Many battery assets will need to be u[graded to participate in the new markets.
Gresham House Energy Storage Fund plc is using Origami’s platform at its 40MW Glassenbury A and 10MW Cleator projects, to extract and orchestrate operational data. Origami is providing a combination of specialist router hardware installation and software interfacing, which will allow readings on battery output, capacity and condition to be generated up to 20 times a secondBattery optimiser Habitat Energy will use this data stream to control and optimise the batteries.
Gresham House says that to maximise the lifetime value of storage assets, owners need to be confident that their assets will be able to earn revenues by being dynamically optimised across changing revenue opportunities. It says the assets will now be future-proofed for other emerging ancillary markets.
Ben Guest, Fund Manager of Gresham House Energy Storage Fund plc and Managing Director of New Energy at Gresham House, said: “As the door closed on EFR, we needed to make some changes to access new markets. By using Origami’s platform, and ensuring compatibility with our trading partner’s systems, we’ve enhanced the visibility and flow of data from the sites. This means higher revenue potential today and greater agility when considering future revenue options.”

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