Danske Commodities signs first EfW PPA with Cory

Energy trader Danske Commodities has signed its first energy from waste (EfW) power purchase agreement (PPA). It will provide balancing, asset optimisation and route-to-market for waste management company Cory’s Riverside 1 EfW facility.
Riverside 1 in receives around 750,000t of non-recyclable black bag waste a year using the River Thames as a transport route. Cory is planning to invest more than £800 million in its operations and river infrastructure over the coming years. This includes the planned Riverside 2 EfW facility next to Rverside 1 in Belvedere.
Danske Commodities has been active in the British power market since 2009 and has provided energy market services to wind turbines and combined heat and power plants. Tor Mosegaard, VP, head of European power trading at Danske Commodities, said: “Cory has an ambition to eliminate waste from waste and we are proud that our solutions and professional approach made Cory choose Danske Commodities as its PPA partner.”
He added, “We are seeing an increased demand in energy service partners with a proven track-record and a strong creditworthiness. As an experienced balancing and trading partner, backed by Equinor, we can meet the demand and do our part in optimising Europe’s power markets.”

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