Engie and Google pilot AI approach to maximising wind value

Engie has partnered with Google Cloud to use artificial intelligence to optimise sales from Engie’s wind portfolio on short term power markets.
In a pilot project the two companies are aiming to ease transactions for wind asset developers and benefit wind power producers by predicting how much wind power should be sold on which power market and at what price.
The complexity of the short-term power markets and the unpredictable nature of wind make this a complex problem that requires vast amounts of data from various sources to be collected, stored and analysed. The pilot will use scalable storage and advanced machine learning algorithms to extract value from the data to support decision-making.
“At Google Cloud, we believe that more accurate data and predictions of wind power production will be valuable to electricity grids, creating benefits for consumers and making wind more competitive with fossil fuels. We are delighted to work with Engie on this project, which can accelerate Europe’s clean energy transition, while laying the groundwork for wind farms around the world to benefit from improved forecasting via Artificial Intelligence,” said Larry Cochrane, director, global energy solutions at Google Cloud.

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