Solar fund starts work on two subsidy-free PV projects, plans to retrofit batteries at five sites

NextEnergy Solar Fund has begun construction of Whitecross, a 36MW subsidy free solar farm in Lincolnshire, it has announced. It has begun preparing for construction of a second solar farm, the 50MW Hatherden installation.
The two UK solar farms will complete the Company’s 150MW subsidy free solar target and bring its total solar installations to 100, the company said in a market update.
This quarter the company has also kicked off plans to retrofit co-located batteries in its solar farm portfolio. The first retrofit will be at Starting with North Norfolk, an 11MW farm near Cromer, where a 6MW two-hour duration battery will be developed. The solar farm gets 1.6ROCs per megawatt.
Four more potential co-located battery locations have been identified in the existing NESF solar portfolio and moved into development stage.

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