SSEN opens online ‘whole systems’ register to capture new sources of flexibility

Electricity distribution network operator (DNO) Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks has published a Whole System Register of its activities to deliver net zero that are carried out in partnership with other network businesses, local authorities, wider industry and users.

For the first time the Register sets out the full portfolio of SSEN’s activities to build the technology, services and expertise to deliver net zero. It will allow SSEN’s stakeholders to gain a clear understanding of the work that the business is doing and where they could engage.
SSEN says distributed generation, electric vehicles, demand side response and energy storage are transforming its network and giving customers access to new products and services. The smart, flexibility transition is not limited to the distribution network; the transmission businesses will also be transforming.
It increasingly uses non-network solutions such as flexible generation and demand to make the most of existing network assets, with SSEN in the role of a neutral market facilitator. A whole system approach will ensure a level playing field between potential providers of flexibility that account for both system needs and network capabilities.
Adam Bain, Strategic Lead for DSO at SSEN said, ”Cross-sector collaboration can secure efficiencies in the roll out of infrastructure to support decarbonisation and the transparency that this Register offers is a crucial part of that.

“We have a feedback section built into our Register to ensure stakeholders have clear channels to share their priorities with us and we are looking forward to increasing our dialogue with them.”

The Register will be updated annually and SSEN will make regular assessments throughout the year to ensure relevant recommendations from stakeholders are captured.

The Whole Systems Register can be found here.

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