Ukraine begins commercial power trades with export to Romania, plans to share gas storage

Ukraine has begun trading power with the rest of Europe on a commercial basis. The first commercial electricity exchanges with between the Ukraine/Moldova power system and Romania were planned for today, with the total trade capacity will initially be set to 100 MW in the first phase.
Electricity trading on the other interconnections (Ukraine-Slovakia, Ukraine-Hungary, and Moldova-Romania) is expected to follow at a later date. After this initial phase, according to European electricity network group Entsoe, a gradual increase in the trade capacity will be assessed based on power system stability and security considerations.
Initially power is being supplied from Ukraine to the rest of Europe. Ukrainian Minister of Energy Herman Galushchenko noted that consumption peaks in Ukraine do not coincide with those of other countries so it can share supplies. He said, “This is very important from the point of view of the stability of the functioning of power systems”.

Although Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant – Zaporozhe – is in Russian hands the country remains one of Europe’s largest nuclear generators and it can help Europe decarbonise its energy supply, he said. “We are one of the leaders in Europe in the production of carbon -free energy mix. Today, 70% of electricity production in Ukraine is carbon neutral. If we compare this with the countries of the European Union, last year the average in Europe in terms of carbon neutrality was 63%. Ukraine is ahead of many countries of the European Union,” the Minister noted. He said that importing electricity from Ukraine would help the European Union reduce its consumption of coal and gas.
He also said that Ukraine can help increase the security of gas supply for Europe because it has the continent’s largest gas storage facilities. When Russia limits gas supplies Ukraine Ukraine can work with partner companies help maintain reliable gas supplies in winter, Galushchenko said .

The electricity trades come three months after Ukraine’s grid was synchronised with other European power systems on 16 March and the welcoming of Ukrenergo as an observer member of ENTSO-E on 26 April 2022.

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