York to gain revenues from grid services using assets at new EV charging hub

GridBeyond is to control and monetise energy flexibility for the City of York Council from an EV charging hub at Monks Cross Park & Ride.
The hub, includes solar panel canopies, an energy storage unit and rapid and ultra-rapid chargers.
GridBeyond will be responsible for managing the flexibility of a 350kW on-site battery and enabling its participation in grid balancing services and will connect the battery to its AI-powered energy technology platform, GridBeyond Point.
The City of York will receive a regular monthly revenue from National Grid for participation in frequency balancing services. GridBeyond’s platform will provide advanced energy monitoring, forecasting and reporting on the battery and its state of charge, ensuring the flexibility is monetised through the most lucrative programmes and markets. The battery and solar panels are provided by EvoEnergy.
The EV hub at Monks Cross Park & Ride is one of the two new fast charging facilities created by the City of York. The second will be at Poppleton Bar Park & Ride.
Jonathan Roper at EvoEnergy, said, “The York HyperHubs, with elements such as rapid and ultra-rapid chargers, solar energy generation and battery storage, act as a technology showcase. Combined with GridBeyond’s management of the battery for participation in grid balancing services, the sites actually help to strengthen the electricity grid and will allow the latest electric vehicles – and the next generation of EVs – to charge in a hassle-free way, helping to reduce emissions from road transport in York.”