Denby Pottery installs PV to cut power bills

Denby Pottery has installed a solar PV array in conjunction with Ylem Energy Ltd that will generate more than 2GWh per year and offset 26% of the company’s power usage.
The 9,900 m2 array has been funded through Ylem Energy’s dynamic power purchase agreement (DPPA). It is connected to the distribution network and is designed to match Denby Pottery’s electrical load, using Longi Solar 455w Modules on land surrounding the site. The array will be monitored by Ylem Energy’s operation and maintenance team.
Ian Gadsby, Ylem Energy managing director, said: “Businesses everywhere are feeling the pain of power price rises. Some will have seen their electricity bills triple in recent months and the continuing price increases are unlikely to stop anytime soon.
“Denby Pottery are now working with Ylem Energy to secure a significantly lower price for the renewable energy which this solar solution will generate for years to come. It’s very satisfying to play a key role in helping a business like Denby Pottery cut costs by generating its own power rather than relying solely on the National Grid, so that it can continue to offer its fantastic products at competitive prices.”