Inquiries up by a 25% as companies look to source back-up generators

A company that supplies back-up generators says it has seen a 35% increase in inquiries from companies who fear that they will face power cuts this winter.
Finning, which distributes Cat power systems in the UK and Ireland, said the increase came after the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy shared its ‘reasonable worst-case scenario’ that the UK would likely face an electricity shortfall this winter. It said its customers in the data centre, construction healthcare, retail and agriculture sectors were seeking to purchase or rent generators.
Kelly Cole, general manager for Finning Energy & Transportation, said “We’ve seen a sharp rise in calls from customers looking to buy and rent additional back-up power systems in case of any loss of power capacity in the grid. This shows that the business/industrial sectors are taking the risk extremely seriously indeed, and investing in additional systems now, in case the risk becomes a reality.
“The sales of generators have increased by almost a quarter (24%) compared with 2021, and revenue from the rental of power equipment is already up 12.5% on last year. In addition, quotes for rental machines have increased by almost 20% compared with 2021.
“What we’re seeing is a shift in our rental customers behaviour in that they are starting to plan further ahead than they normally would, and this is undoubtedly due to the risk of power shortages and the increase in news on the topic.”