Conservative Environment Network calls for more finding for insulation and heat pumps

The Conservative Environment Network (CEN) has proposed three energy efficiency measures to lower bills permanently and conserve gas, backed by CEN MPs Philip Dunne and Derek Thomas. CEN MPs Selaine Saxby, Peter Aldous and Alexander Stafford called for the UK’s energy policies “to be put on a war footing with a bold insulation programme to beat Putin at his own game”.
The group wants the government to:
• Expand the Energy Company Obligation to insulate 500,000 homes this winter and a million a year from April 2023. It says installing loft insulation in poorly insulated, fuel poor homes could cut household bills by around £500.
• Ramp up the Boiler Upgrade Scheme to install 775,000 heat pumps by 2025. It says that would cut upgraded households’ gas usage by 80%, conserving gas and reducing their energy bills by up to £250.
• Require energy firms to advise customers on running gas boilers efficiently. Industry estimates suggest as many as half of gas boilers are running too hot. Adjusting their settings to make them more efficient could save people up to 8 per cent on their bills without sacrificing warmth or comfort.