NGESO offers two-month ‘amnesty’ for companies to surrender grid capacity to help manage connections queue

NGESO has opened a ‘TEC amnesty’, intended to reduce the ‘queue’ for connections to the grid. It is inviting companies on the so-called TEC Register (ie those that have Transmission Entry Capacity) to terminate agreements or reduce their capacity at low or no cost so that other parties can use it.
The current connections processes were designed at a time when a small number of large fossil fuel generators were connecting to the transmission network. Now numbers of connections are much greater and the connections queue is causing delays to connection dates.
If a modification to the Code is approved by Ofgem then queue management milestones will be applied to all new applications and modifications that could see them lose their place in the event of delays.
NGESO said “The TEC amnesty is the last opportunity for projects to leave the queue with no or little cost ahead of the Queue Management milestones coming in place following the code modification which has recently re-started.”
The amnesty ‘window’ will be open from 1 October to 30 November and NGESO will respond to applicants in February.
See the amnesty details and apply here