Solar PPA helps finance merchant wind plant for NTR

Two renewables facilities – Murley wind farm and Ockendon solar farm – have been refinanced by infrastructure investor and asset manager NTR in partnership with Rabobank, which provided £38 million of debt. NTR said it has brought the two projects together in an innovative two-stage financial structure. It will finance fully merchant revenues for Murley by combining them with Ockendon revenues, which are backed by a power purchase agreement (PPA) with BT Group, which will use 100% of the power generated by Ockendon over 10 years.
The solar farm at Ockendon is on a repurposed landfill site close to London, where there is significant demand for clean power. Construction on the 58.8 MWp site has already commenced. Murley will have six turbines totalling 21.6MW in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Construction of this project is expected to commence in the coming months.
Once fully operational, the sites will have a combined capacity of just over 80 MW from Q4 2023.

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